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JS Equine Images provides a variety of stock images to meet the demanding needs of those requiring quality images of horses. Images include various breeds of equines, including thoroughbreds, both on and off the track. Stock images also include non-equine subjects symbolic of the thoroughbred racing industry, along with subjects relating to agriculture.

JS Equine Images also offers fine art images of wild horses and other equine related subjects. Equine Art continues to be an ever-increasing part of JS Equine Images' focus in the thoroughbred industry, too.

Julie Smith, owner and operator of JS Equine Images, graduated with a degree in photojournalism. Her history of black and white film gives her a background in photography that she carries into our modern digital world of photography, with black and white imagery being a main focus in her fine art work.

"Many of my art images are black and white. Black and white photography is how I first perceived an image in print from film. I feel it is the true essence of photography in its purest form." ~JS Equine Images

Julie worked for years in the field of agriculture but came back to her love of making images. After a few years of photographing people and horse racing, she made a trip out west to photograph wild horses. After seeing the mustangs running free on the range Julie was forever changed.

Julie is an active supporter of saving America's wild horses, working to bring attention to the plight of our wild mustangs. She even adopted two mustangs from the Bureau of Land Management. (Her mustang, Cody, has his own blog where he gives valuable insight into what horses may or may not be thinking.) "It is my hope that my images of the wild horses will inspire others to get involved in trying to save these magnificent creatures." ~Julie Smith

JS Equine Images is available for conformation photographs and other farm related photo sessions. Contact for pricing and scheduling of on-farm visits.

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