This is me-Cody. I'm the handsome mustang. You know-a wild horse.

There aren't many of us still running free in the western states because the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) got us in their roundups. They say we are eatin' up all the grass on the range, so they took us from our herd management areas. They separated us from our family bands and stuck us in these long term holding pens.

Mustangs aren't causing the problems the BLM is blaming on us. Instead, it's them danged cattle. So, I got taken away from my wild horse herd in Oregon, and somehow ended up in Indiana. I'm not sure where that is from Oregon, but I think it's pretty far. That's how I ended up with my face on this web page. Not only am I the poster boy for mustangs in captivity, but I'm Ms J's favorite wild horse photography subject.

Ms J is the best equine photographer I know. But, she is the only horse photographer I know. She is real good to me and the girls. Heck, she rescued me from a possible horse slaughter situation I can't even think about. That's why I'm writin' this blog for her. She likes to take equine photos. I'm a horse. She says my good looks and horse logic might make her rich. HA HA! She has no good horse sense.

Just click on my blog title to follow me and the girls at the Codyak Corral.
Ms J’s round bale fiasco..   Next time she better be more careful with those lopsided bales. Somebody thinks it’s Spring! #ice storm#daffodils Looks like fall.  Nope, and I don’t wanna go through this winter again!  #ice storm Remmy thinks she is a queen.#horse #horses #equine #snow #winter horse Sure glad Ms J tidied up around here today before it started snowing again!  #corral #cody Man, it’s snowin’ again!  #horses #horse  snow horse #equine Me and Annie havin’ a mid afternoon snack. Annie catchin’ some rays on a winter day. #mustang #wild horse #mustangs
  • Olympics
    I told myself I wouldn’t “waste” time watching the Olympics this week.  You can tell yourself anything.
  • No Shoes Ever
    Horse hoof trimming is, well–an art. Equine Art? Not exactly. It is very scientific, as the equine foot is a complex biological work of nature. When the good Lord made the horse, He knew what He was doing. Man just messed it up, as humans do with most everything. I recently attended a two-day natural horse hoof trimming clinic in Indiana. The instructor was the natural hoof trimmer I use on my two mustangs and quarter horse. She has been trained in the Strasser method of trimming, and has progressed to more of a Pete Ramey style of trim in recent years. Natural hoof trimming is sometimes referred to as the Mustang Roll for the desired finished hoof. Wild horses trim their own feet, and do the best job when left alone. When man put shoes on horses he did so in complete ignorance of the consequences. Horse stalls are not usually a horse’s best friend, either. When man started stalling horses their feet declined. Then some stupid man (had to be a man) decided they should protect their trusty steed’s feet. It’s been a vicious downhill spiral ever since. Churchill Downs now lets thoroughbred race horses run at the world famous track without shoes on them. Morning works at Churchill Downs. I don’t know who persuaded the establishment, but I certainly applaud them for what had to be a long hard uphill climb. I hope someone is keeping a running list of the breakdowns vs non-breakdowns of the shod horses compared to the barefoot horses. Stay tuned.

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.
~ Sir Winston Churchill